JuegaVivo (Smarten Up) THE FILM

Two strangers, Tito, a middle class boy and Reggie a witty street hustler, realize that they have been framed by their dealer. In order to save themselves from the mafia´s sentence, they plan to heist the wealthiest property on the coast. This event will propel them on a journey where morals will be tested, social borders will be crossed and friendship will arise in midst of all hostilites.

JuegaVivo ( LA PELÍCULA )

Tito es un chico universitario y Reggie un delincuente callejero, extraños entre sí hasta que comparten un grave problema. Ambos deben saldar una injusta deuda adquirida con unos narcotraficantes. Para salvarse planifican el robo de una lujosa mansión de playa, en una loca aventura que los convertira en adultos… irremediablemente.


“No todos los trips son buenos, pero siguen siendo un trip”



JUEGA VIVO (Smarten Up) is a funny coming-of-age adventure, set inside a society that suffers from a strong crisis of values. It is a feature film written by the Panamanian Enrique Pérez Him.
The project has a 90 pages script (3rd version) which has been revised by industry professionals at the
Iberoamerican Film Project Development Workshop organized by Casa de América and Fundación Carolina (Madrid, 2007).
This film has an international B Classification and it’s focused on young audiences. The production strategy for this film is to use the new aid policies of the Panamanian government for the audiovisual sector, along with the help of co-production partners and international grants that we plan to obtain during this period.

JUEGA VIVO have received a grant for project Development, from IBERMEDIA Program (SPAIN).

At this point we have a spanish company ICONICA S.A. ( ) which has supported the project as a Co.Developer Producer. Our company NGOBE Films ( ) keeps working to fundraise the global budget to make this film a reality in our country.


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